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PIllow (PIL : Python Imaging Library)

vertte epsilon- 2021. 5. 17. 02:06

i like reading python library documentation.

Today is sunday ,so i started finding which documentation i'm gonna read

in this week,doing object detection project, i saw some pil functions that handled image in code.

In point of handling image, i think there're these libraries ;PIL, torchvision(in torch),OpenCv

In this post , I'm gonna introduce PIL ! (it may have prejudice opinions) 

In near future, I also introduce another libraries (torchvision , openCV)


PIL stands for Python Imaging Library, i first thought it stands for Preprocessing Image Library,;;;


> Archiving image as a PIL class in program 

> Preprocessing

   > Physical change(?) : cutting, pasting, merging(rgb:r+g+b) ,rotating ,spliting (into r,g,b)

   > color transform : RGB > Grayscale

   > Image enhancement : can approach in pixel unit ,can change contrast , saturation, brightness,hue ...

> Drawing 

   > rectangle

   > text

> Etc : handling sequence image(gif,fli/flc(i dont know this fli ) ) ,ways of reading from diverse formated files





simple tutorial blog : 

simple pillow code ,intuitive :

Documentation of PIL :






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